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Sign Language

Amy-Rose is passionate about teaching British Sign Language, as it has been an integral part of her life from the very beginning. Her fluency in BSL is not just a skill but a deep-rooted part of her identity, having grown up in a household and attended schools where signing was treated as a normal part of the day to day. 

With a desire to spread the beauty of sign language, Amy-Rose offers both in-person and virtual lessons via Zoom, making her teaching accessible to a wide range of learners. Whether you're an individual looking to learn BSL or a parent seeking specialised support for your child with additional needs, Amy-Rose is equipped to tailor her lessons to meet your specific goals. Her expertise extends to offering training in Sign Supported English, a valuable tool for children with additional needs, ensuring they have the means to express themselves and engage effectively with others. Amy-Rose's teaching approach is characterized by its inclusivity, ensuring that every student enjoys fun and engaging lessons that foster a genuine connection to the language.

With a clear understanding of people's unique learning needs, Amy-Rose goes the extra mile to adapt her teaching style and curriculum to accommodate individual preferences and skill levels. Personalised lessons cater to specific vocabulary needs, which ensures that each student gains confidence in using sign language effectively. Amy-Rose's dedication to making British Sign Language approachable and enjoyable not only equips her students with valuable communication skills but also instils a deep appreciation for the rich cultural and linguistic aspects of sign language.

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